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EHD - Evander Hopper Design Ltd, is an award winning design company specialising in product design and technical engineering solutions. 


The company was founded by Evander Hopper in 2017, over the past 5 years EHD have worked with a wide range of valued clients, from small startups with ambitious ideas, to local engineering & manufacturing firms to large global film production companies. Check out our latest work here

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Evander Holds a BSc Hons degree (1st class) in Technology with Design and is the winner of the prestigious best designer and best Innovation award at Ulster University. 


Hired as a new product development engineer at Cummins INC, at the High horsepower engine plant in Daventry, England.

Evander worked within the global engineering team responsible for developing the latest low emission engine technologies.  


Evander spent 5 years working within the Innotech centre an NI based innovation and technology centre focused on delivering product & process innovation projects to SMEs across Ireland.


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